Stretch Ceiling F.A.Q

Q: Where can Stretch Ceilings be utilized?

A: These adaptable systems are suitable for both residential and commercial settings, encompassing condominiums, single-family homes, theaters, fitness studios/facilities, medical establishments, hotels, and dining establishments.

Q: Can Stretch Ceilings be tailored to fit my ceiling’s shape?

A: Absolutely, the most advantageous feature of this system is its ability to be customized to suit a diverse range of shapes and dimensions.

Q: What is the constituent material of the system?

A: It is crafted from Polyvinyl, a robust synthetic resin that remains resistant to crumbling, discoloration, cracking, flaking, or peeling. Furthermore, it possesses qualities of mildew and moisture resistance, non-flammability, and antibacterial properties.

Q: What finishing options are available?

A; We provide a wide array of finishes, including high gloss, satin, matte, translucent, fabric, an extensive palette of colors, as well as custom hues.

Q: Is it possible to print images on Stretch Ceilings?

A: Certainly, an array of images, from simple patterns to intricate designs like highlights, shadows, murals, and abstract concepts, can be printed on both our Stretch Ceilings and wall coverings.

Q: What advantages come with installing Stretch Ceilings?

A: These encompass antibacterial properties, resistance to mildew and moisture, bypassing the need for ceiling or wall preparation, capacity to introduce illumination in spaces lacking lighting alternatives, minimal upkeep, and expedited installation.

Q: How much of my current ceiling or wall space will be sacrificed post-installation?

A: Only 1 to 2 inches are required by the system, generating the illusion of augmented height and breadth for both ceilings and walls. Our current ceilings and walls are constructed from cement or popcorn materials.

Q: Does this necessitate additional preparation?

A: Not at all. The Stretch Ceiling system is directly affixed over existing ceilings and walls.

Q: Can lighting be incorporated even with cement ceilings or absent electrical infrastructure?

A: The system accommodates the addition of recessed lighting, personalized channel lighting, chandeliers, and even fans.

Q: What is the installation duration?

A: Typically, the installation process takes one to two days, with minimal mess and scant cleanup.

Q: When is the optimal time for installation?

A: We suggest incorporating the Stretch Ceiling as one of the final phases of your project.

Q: Must furniture be cleared out? Unnecessary.

A: We recommend covering all furniture and relocating items away from the walls.

Q: Is there a warranty provided?

A: Absolutely, a 10-year manufacturing warranty is included.

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